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4 Ways To Protect Your eCommerce Site This Holiday Season

Nov 07, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | It’s already a week into November and that means one thing: the holidays – and the mad rush that is holiday shopping – are fast approaching. With Cyber Monday numbers expected to be at an all-time high this year, it’s crucial for companies to get their ‘digital ducks’ in a row before the big rush begins.
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Adobe Website Hacked, Millions of Passwords Stolen

Nov 06, 2013 By Sharon Solomon | Web hacking was considered an ostracized field just a few years ago. These days it’s a subculture, with more and more average programmers learning the basics of the trade and pulling off impressive “conquests”.
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Checkmarx: Challenging The Application Security Field

Nov 05, 2013 By Sarah Vonnegut | This article originally appeared in Israeli publication The Marker. Read it in Hebrew here. 
By Jonathan Raveh
In a world where security breaches can cause enormous daily losses of up to millions of dollars, companies have started to develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to protect and secure the digital side of their operations as tightly as possible.
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wiredrive-logo-144x1151 uses Checkmarx as its first line of defense

Oct 21, 2013 By carolineb | The Requirements Wiredrive is preparing for SSAE16 compliance and needed a suite of tools to validate secure coding best practices.
Wiredrive’s Enterprise clients required recurring penetration tests and static code scans to audit the platform’s security.
Wiredrive needed an internal solution that integrates with its Continuous Integration (CI) SDLC process, which uses Atlassian’s Bamboo and GIT as the source repository.
The solution needed to scan a large web application consisting of PHP, JavaScript, and Python.
Wiredrive needed to scan its WordPress plugin and sample code.  
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Checkmarx and IWI launch On demand service in Japan

Oct 15, 2013 By carolineb | Checkmarx, the leader in Application Security Testing solutions, is glad to announce the  launch of its Static Application Security Testing technology as Cloud service in Japan by its partner – Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI).
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Google’s Eric Schmidt: “Android Is More Secure Than iPhone”

Oct 10, 2013 By carolineb | Eric Shmidt, Executive Chairman at Google declares that Android has a security advantage over Apple’s iPhone. This declaration was made during the Gartner Symposium that took place in Orlando on October 7, 2013.
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Security Innovation TeamMentor now Integrates with Checkmarx’s CxSuite

Oct 09, 2013 By carolineb | Provides faster and better remediation guidance within the developers’ environment Wilmington, MA (PRWEB) October 08, 2013
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Les Assises de la Sécurité et des Systèmes d’Information

Oct 08, 2013 By carolineb |   What a conference! Les Assises de la Sécurité et des Systèmes d’Information is one of the most luxurious Security Conferences in Europe, taking place each year in October at the French Riviera.
For the 13th time, Les Assises invited the biggest Security Executives in the French Industry and was sponsored by the biggest security companies in the world. We were glad to exhibit and take part of this wonderful and unique conference. Hope to see you there next year! Read more about the conferece here
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[OWASP IL] Get Ready for the Next Big Wave of Attacks: Hacking of Leading CMS Systems

Sep 23, 2013 By carolineb |
Come visit Checkmarx at OWASP Israel on October 1st, 2013 at the IDC in Herzliya, Israel.
I’m inviting you to join our session: “Get Ready for the Next Big Wave of Attacks: Hacking of Leading CMS Systems” by Maty Siman, Founder & CTO at Checkmarx The flow of this talk is given by – YOU! Before this talk, we emailed the audience to provide us with their favorite WordPress plugins that they would like to test for security. In a live demo, we assess the security of the requested plugins. Previous similar trials that we performed on WordPress showed that 30% of the top 50 most downloaded plugins were vulnerable to common Web attacks. What will be the results of this experiment? … Come to OWASP IL to find out! Registerhere.  
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