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Les Assises de la Sécurité et des Systèmes d’Information

  What a conference! Les Assises de la Sécurité et des Systèmes d’Information is one of the most luxurious Security Conferences in Europe, taking place each year in October at the French Riviera. For the 13th time, Les Assises invited the biggest Security Executives in the French Industry and was sponsored by the biggest security companies

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The AppSec How-to: 10 Steps to Secure Agile Development

In Agile’s fast-paced environment and frequent releases, security reviews and testing sound like an impediment to success. How can you keep up with Agile demands of continuous integration and continuous deployment without abandoning security best practices?

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Joomla’s Security State- WordPress is not alone

Two months ago Checkmarx has published a research revealing the security state of WordPress’s 50 top plugins. Another CMS joins the list and this time it’s Joomla- as simple vulnerability was exploited to infect thousands of websites with malware. The sites were hacked to serve up the prevalent Blackhole exploit kit, which in turn infected users’ systems

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Home is where the heart is. and the hacker too.

Thomas Hatley, an ordinary citizen from Oregon was surprised to receive a weird phone call by a complete stranger who hacked his smart home while speaking. The stranger- David Bryan, Security Researcher at Trustwave, managed to hack into Thomas’s “smart” house through an automation system that allows a remote control of electrical devices, originally meant

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[video] Carjackers in action

Who would have imagined that vehicles are starting to require the same protection as laptop computers? Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, sponsored by the Pentagon’s research facility demonstrate in a short video how easily a car can be hacked in real time and how they gain full control over the vehicle’s computer.   View full article

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Cybercrimes % > eCommerce %

eCommerce grew by 16% while Cybercrime grew by 23%. This finding, by Martec shows the growth of cyber attacks in comparison to eCommerce in 2012.  Despite this growth, says the report, which questioned 100 leading UK retailers, retailers aren’t taking fraud as seriously as they should, and as a result smaller retailers have paid seven

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