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Checkmarx Application Security Testing Services

Get the most out of your application security investment

Accelerate Your Application Security Testing Initiatives

It’s no secret that application security best practices can often be a challenge for organizations to implement. DevOps culture is shortening development cycles and distributing the burden of application security throughout CI/CD pipelines. And regularly guidelines, like GDPR, are constructing for application security and data protection across the software supply chain constructing requirements for application security and data protection across the software supply chain.

Checkmarx Services are driven by a single focus: to ensure you get the most out of our application security testing solutions. Our dedicated teams of experts work with you every step of the way, providing you with the knowledge, tools, and best practices you need to maximize your return on investment for secure software development.

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Checkmarx was alongside us every step of the way for a smooth implementation. In addition to thorough training on the tool, their professional services team helped us build out tooling to enhance Checkmarx in a way that fit our unique environment. We encountered issues along the way, and each time we reported one to them they responded swiftly and led us to timely resolution.

Managed Services

Reduce Your Software Security Workload

Offload costly, time-consuming tasks related to maintaining your AST tools and infrastructure onto our dedicated security experts, allowing you to scale effectively and quickly achieve your software risk management goals. Get hands-on guidance and assistance to optimize your AST activities.
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Professional Services

Transform Your Vision into an Effective Solution

Make your application security testing initiatives easier and more effective with dedicated Checkmarx solution experts, focused on the most efficient ways to extract value from your software security testing tools.
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Technical Account Management

Consult with Security Practitioners and Technical Experts

Consult with certified security practitioners and Checkmarx experts to craft a highly customized and holistic solution for software security, with direct collaboration with dedicated technical, strategic, and operational specialists.
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Support Services

Keep Software Security Running Smoothly

Leverage the knowledge and experience of dedicated Checkmarx support specialists, access exclusive technical documentation, and quickly address the issues that are impeding secure application development.
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