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AppSec Accelerator™

Checkmarx Managed Software Security Testing

Offload your software security program onto our experts

An effective software security program requires the right people, processes, and technologies. But what if your team simply doesn’t have the time or resources to you need achieve your risk management goals? Checkmarx’s managed software security testing lets you offload your software security program onto our experts, allowing you to scale effectively and quickly achieve your risk management goals.

Automate security throughout the SDLC

Checkmarx’s security experts examine each organization’s business and technological needs, performing threat modeling and working closely with stakeholders to implement a relevant and impactful software security solution. Our experts explore integration options and focus on ways to make security risk insight accessible to the people who need it earlier, when the cost of remediation is lower.

Industry-leading technology

Checkmarx offers best-of-breed application security testing technologies, including Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Open Source Analysis (OSA), and developer security training (Codebashing).

Best-in-class software security experts

Offering continuous access to a team of security experts who are experienced developers themselves. These experts take real-world examples from years of working with customers sharing real code level security issues and have a vast amount of experience implementing state-of-the-art AppSec programs for the world’s largest organizations.

Automating security into the SDLC

Checkmarx’s security experts work with each organization to review their code by collecting business context and analyze their application by performing threat modeling. This is then complied into Checkmarx’s technologies to automate security into the SDLC.

Flexible deployment options

On premises in a private data center or hosted in a private tenant in AWS.

Pick and Choose from Our Managed Solutions

Static Application Security Testing

Protect you software from the very beginning by identifying security vulnerabilities in your source code.

Interactive Application Security Testing

Detect vulnerabilities on running applications by leveraging existing functional testing activities.

Optional add ons:

Open Source Analysis

CxOSA manages, controls, and prevents the security risks and legal implications introduced by open source libraries and components.

Dynamic Application Security Testing

By introducing DAST as a Service to the mix, you can strengthen the last line of defense within your application before it’s released.

Secure Coding Education

Codebashing is an interactive Software Security training platform that sharpens the skills developers need to avoid security issues, fix vulnerabilities and write secure code in the first place.

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