Checkmarx Launches Infrastructure as Code Scanning Solution to Secure Cloud-Native Applications: KICS

Checkmarx Managed Software Security Services

Reduce Your Software Security Workload

Trust the experts to support your software security initiatives

An effective software security program requires the right people, processes, and technologies. Often, an organization’s security, development, and IT teams simply don’t have the time or resources to achieve the entirety of their application risk management goals.

Checkmarx’s managed services for software security testing enable you to reduce the burden of your software security program, and the tools you use to implement it, by entrusting costly, time-consuming responsibilities with our experts. With Checkmarx managed services, you can focus on driving security at scale, and quickly achieve a return on your secure development investments.

Manage software security with expert guidance

Maintain continuous access to a team of security experts who are experienced developers themselves. These experts leverage knowledge gained from years of implementing state-of-the-art AppSec programs for organizations around the world, and an extensive history navigating real code-level security issues.

Automate security throughout the SDLC

Checkmarx’s security experts examine each organization’s business and technological needs, performing threat modeling and working closely with stakeholders to implement a relevant and impactful software security solution. Our experts explore integration options and focus on ways to make security risk insight accessible to the people who need it earlier, when the cost of remediation is lower.

Private Hosting Services

Checkmarx Managed Services allow you to host best-of-breed application security testing technologies within secure AWS private clouds. Trust our technology experts to maintain the infrastructure and operations that support your software security initiatives, while you focus on getting the most from industry-leading application security testing technologies.

AppSec Accelerator™

Benefit from continuous access to a team of security experts who are experienced developers themselves. These experts build on years of direct work with client organizations sharing real code-level security issues and guide you through the process of implementing state-of-the-art AppSec programs and establishing software security best practices across your CI/CD pipelines.

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