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Checkmarx Technical Account Management

Guidance and consultation to drive software security

Experts in Your Business

Software security is an intricate challenge facing enterprises today, and the solution often involves many moving parts. Internal operations need to adjust to accommodate increased security standards and complex workflows, technologies and infrastructure may need additional configuration, and stakeholders need a common interest and clear expectations of how your organization defines a successful software security program.

For these complex situations, Checkmarx provides a dedicated technical account manager (TAM), closely aligned with your unique business and technological needs.

A Powerful Software Security Partnership

Your technical account manager functions in two key capacities: as your trusted advisor through the life of your software security program, and as your greatest advocate in your relationship with Checkmarx. Together, the TAM will develop a close partnership with key personnel in your organization, defining primary goals and establishing a unified vision for application security. Your TAM works with you to identify the most efficient ways to configure and implement Checkmarx’s leading AST solutions, in the shortest amount of time, for the most relevant and actionable results possible.

Your TAM is invested in your success as you build or enhance your software security program, and your advocate for your best interests when engaging with Checkmarx, increasing your representation and pursuing your interests with Product Management, Technical Support, and other teams at Checkmarx invested in your success.

Accelerate Your Software Security Program

Checkmarx technical account managers focus on driving the efficiency and effectiveness of your Checkmarx solutions, providing insightful guidance for:

  • Checkmarx deployment planning
  • Project planning and performance tracking
  • Checkmarx solution onboarding
  • Defining success metrics (KPIs)
  • Security program health monitoring
  • Escalation of support and feature requests
  • Checkmarx resource scheduling, such as Professional Services and Technical Support
  • Removing barriers to organizational adoption of Checkmarx solutions

Consistent Progress toward Critical Milestones

Checkmarx technical account managers work to simplify your software security initiatives and achieve the goals which either your organization has defined or those which you have defined leveraging the advice and experience of your TAM. Your TAM engages with you directly and regularly to identify and overcome any potential barriers to success, and to ensure consistent positive progress is being made in critical areas, including:

  • Product deployment progress
  • Product adoption and usage trends
  • Support ticket status and advocacy
  • Feature request status and advocacy
  • Product health and performance
  • General software security program needs

Your TAM is keenly focused on your success and the benefits your organization yields for your efforts. Checkmarx TAMs measure progress against your milestones and KPIs, and are dedicated to helping you derive value and yield adequate return on your software security investment. In effect, your technical account manager is an extension of your organization, and your singular, greatest point of contact to accomplish more with your solutions and resources.

When working with your TAM, your only task is to develop and deliver secure software quickly; your TAM will handle the rest.

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