Secure SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

Integrating Checkmarx’s Source Code Analysis (SCA) solution into your development process is an effective way to create a secure Software Development Life Cycle (sSDLC). Along with implementing CxSAST Static Code Analysis solution, these are the fastest ways to a secure SDLC:

Educate the leaders. Engage technology leaders as security champions by showing them the value of secure applications and provide them with the tools to make this happen, scanning your code with solutions that provide security related information in real time. 
Arm the developers. By integrating SAST within the developers native development environment, security becomes part of the feedback they see in the code editor and acting on it becomes easier.
Break the build for any "high" and "medium" vulnerability findings. If the scan in the build process detects major issues, the build stops so that no vulnerable software is deployed in production.
Integrate with existing bug tracking processes. Export your SAST findings to existing bug tracking systems already in use in the SDLC.
Provide and foster a collaborative platform for security discussions. Create a platform where developers and the security team can get advice, ask questions and share security-related information.

Security Testing in the SDLC

Secure SDLC scanning model : recommended distributed scanning basics

Build a clear process and security policy

Build a clear process and security policy, so that developers understand what is expected from them; when and what to scan, and what to do with the findings, etc.

Gradually deploy the developers UIs

Gradually deploy the developers UIs, adding a few teams at a time.

Train the developers

Train the developers and make sure they are comfortable with the scanned vulnerabilities, as well as with the tool and the way results are presented.

Train the trainers

Train the trainers; power users on each development team. Once they will have the knowledge, they will be able to run scans, review results and provide support to their respective teams.

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