Checkmarx Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

Information Technology

Software Security and Information Technology are Inseparable


Security in Information Technology is critical in today’s Application Security landscape, as it revolves around protecting computer systems and preventing unauthorized usage, changes, or access to an organization’s data.

Protect Your Data

In today’s world, we depend on computers and modern technology to store our data and transmit an array of confidential information about people and organizations. Ensuring the security of your applications is a crucial step to protecting yourself and your organization from a data breach.

Let Us Help You

Checkmarx ensures data is kept safe by enabling Information Technology organizations to integrate static application security testing into their SDLC and automate the process. We integrate with the most common source repositories, build management servers, bug tracking tools, and IDEs and fit in with how your development and security processes are managed.

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