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What you need to know about Stagefright?

  Let’s start with a temporary workaround to avoid becoming infected Open the Hangouts App Click the hamburger menu and select “settings” Select SMS Select Hangouts as your default SMS app Uncheck ‘Auto-retrieve MMS’ Now that we got that out of the way we can start talking about the Stagefright vulnerability itself. What is Stagefright?

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Inflight Security is more than just a life vest

Are you afraid of flying? The following information won’t make you feel any safer. Inflight Entertainment systems (IFE) have evolved significantly over the years. Nowadays you can actually connect via your own mobile device to the IFE system and watch TV series, movies or just listen to music and see the flight status. Sounds good,

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Starbucks Application Breach #2

What was stolen? A new attack on the Starbucks Mobile Payment Application was launched. Criminals have been breaking into individual customer rewards accounts and transferring funds to other accounts. How was the attack executed?

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