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Decrypting JobCrypter

Ransomware has been a growing issue for some time now. It has evolved into a big business, moving millions of dollars yearly from victims’ pockets into those of attackers. The modus operandi of ransomware authors is to infect your machine through any vector (phishing, drive-by browser exploits, waterholing, etc.) and then proceed to encrypt your important files.

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3 Need-to-Know Security Terms for 2017: DevOps, “Shifting Left” and Ransomware

As organizations of all sizes and verticals prepare for whatever malicious cyber criminals have in store for them in the upcoming fiscal quarters,  we wanted to focus on three need-to-know terms that all security professionals should be aware of, and familiar with, in 2017.   Today, organizations need to increase the speed and quantity of

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Cryptolocker – Nasty Ransomware Wrecking Havoc Worldwide

If you own a PC running Windows, you are vulnerable to Cryptolocker. This Trojan entered the spotlight in late 2013 and is not showing any signs of slowing down. It’s very important to understand and be aware of this fast-spreading ransomware, which has already earned its operators lots of money. The dreaded Trojan initially spread only via emails.

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