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How to Evaluate the Maturity and Security of Your Public Sector Software Project

Over the past decade, commercial software organizations have embraced new approaches to software development that have allowed them to accelerate growth and rapidly deliver incremental value to the business and its customers. The tools and techniques that these organizations use have evolved to provide better and more secure software in less time while improving the

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AppSec Takes Center Stage in Biden Cybersecurity Executive Order

On May 12, 2021, the Biden White House released an Executive Order focused on cybersecurity that it hopes will make significant strides in addressing one of the largest challenges that many of today’s federal government agencies and military organizations are facing – defending government data and networks from increasingly sophisticated and persistent cyberattacks. And this

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What Developers Need From Secure Coding Training

Developers are eager for knowledge, especially when it comes to learning how to write secure-by-design code. However, they lack the necessary skills to perform this job properly, as quite often hackers have the advantage of time. Security training is generally a low priority operation even though Developers and DevOps are expected to be fully compliant

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Developer Training in the Context of Regulatory Compliance

Many regulatory frameworks require developers to be educated about security. The most recent version of the PCI DSS standard, for example, which was last updated in May 2018, mentions the words “train” or “training” 38 times. But the question for businesses is: how do you actually train developers to write and deploy secure code? That’s

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Preventing Developer Burnout in the Age of Rapid Software Delivery

“Burnout” happens across all jobs and industries, especially tech. However, developers have always been particularly at-risk of falling victim to burning out, and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting digital shift driven by software, has only escalated this problem. Just look at the trends, as 38% of developers are releasing software monthly or faster, up

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