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Why SAST is Essential for a Security Vulnerability Assessment

Leta��s start with this: the idea of a security vulnerability assessment is certainly not a�?breaking newsa�?. For centuries, organizations have proactively scanned their physical security in search of real or potential weaknesses, and for decades theya��ve shifted their skeptical gaze to IT systems and devices.   And while ita��s true that some organizations are better

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Buffer Overflow

Buffer Overflow: The Mother of All Vulnerabilities

The Buffer Overflow vulnerability has been around for almost 3 decades and it’s still going strong. Hackers all around the world continue toA�nameA�it as their defaultA�tactic due to theA�huge number ofA�susceptible web applications. But what steps are organizations (devs) taking to combat this vulnerability? What role does secure coding play in eliminating this threat?A�This article

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