Essential Steps to Become Agile – Part 3

7 Apr 2017 | In my opinion, shifting to Agile is easier than what some organizations may think. Overall, making deliveries smaller is key for a successful Agile workflow, it's easier to steer a small boat and fix its course than changing a huge ship's course which requires much more preparations and resources. The main technological challenge is to identify what pieces of technology hinder the Agile process and replace them with modern solutions. A great example from my point of view would be source code analysis. SCA used to be a long process designed purely for waterfall concepts, however, not many solutions have adapted their products to work in fast paced Agile environments so making sure your SCA solution can keep up with short development cycles is critical for your Agile development process.
Amit Ashbel
Cyber Security Evangelist, Checkmarx


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