The 20 Biggest Funding Rounds in European Tech in 2015

The UK and Germany battled it out for the majority of the largest rounds in the first half of 2015, with the UK (8) just edging out Germany (7). Israeli companies took 2 spots, while Sweden, France and Iceland all had one company represented in the 20 largest rounds.

Checkmarx (Israel) raised $84 million.

Why? Checkmarx specializes in software application security and were the beneficiaries of an $84 million investment from Insight Venture Partners in June.

There was originally some confusion as to whether this was actually an investment or an acquisition, but their CEO confirmed to Geektime that although some of the money will be going towards buying a stake in the company, with some of the early investors taking liquidity, most of the money will go into growing the company.

Investors: Insight Venture Partners

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