Forrester Report: Why to automate AppSec now.

On Premise / Hosted

Checkmarx’s Application Security Platform is built
to address every organization’s needs.

When it comes to implementation Checkmarx provides the full scope of options. Including SaaS, private cloud, and on-premise solutions. Allowing a range of implementation options ensures our customers can start securing their code immediately rather than going through long processes of adapting their infrastructure to a single implementation method.

On Premise

The on-premise solution, ideally designed for large enterprises gives you full flexibility and control over your servers and the allocated resources. The installation will run locally within your network. This implementation type is most common at enterprise organizations managing their internal network and development tools on-site.

Private Cloud

Hosting a full Checkmarx Enterprise solution on a dedicated server, rented and managed especially for you. Storage and resources are kept completely private.


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