How You Can Be Coding Securely in JavaScript

Sep 18, 2017 By Arden Rubens

According to Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey, JavaScript dominates as the most commonly used programming language for the fifth year in a row and remains the #1 most popular language by occupation. With its top spot in the programming language world, it should come as no surprise that JavaScript is absolutely everywhere – from your servers to your smartphones.



Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017


JavaScript is considered to be the language of the browser, making it an ideal possible choice for writing web based client applications. Yet for organizations using JavaScript code that has been written poorly with security flaws lurking, the consequences may be devastating. Though regardless of the risks – JavaScript is the natural and correct choice for many businesses, as it is considerably easy to deploy in an organization, keeping low maintenance costs and continuously updating users hassle free. In addition, JavaScript runs on the server and on the Node.js framework, making this programming language production-ready.


Given JavaScript’s ample expansion, applications are sometimes plagued by poorly written code giving way for hackers to target applications using sophisticated exploits.Therefore, the power lies in the developer’s hands to keep JavaScript code clean and secure, leading to safer and stronger applications. And, as we already know – with great power, comes great responsibility…


Aiming to empower JavaScript developers, Checkmarx Research Team created the JavaScript Guide: Web Application Secure Coding Practices – a guide written for anyone who is using JavaScript for web development with the goal of helping developers avoid common security mistakes and learn about the many security risks lurking in code and how to prevent them.


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Arden is the social media manager and a content writer at Checkmarx. Her blogs focus on cyber security trends and the latest developments in the world of AppSec. She aims to educate and inspire developers, security professionals, and organizations to find the best defense against online threats.

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