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Application Security Glossary

.NET Scanner

.NET is one of the world’s leading programming languages. Secure coding in .NET ideally requires a capable .NET code review tool, which can identify today’s commonly exploited security vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, insecure server configurations and more. Many branded/commercial, as well as open source tools are available in the market today. They have their relative strengths and weaknesses.


Agile Security

Ideal application development involves fast builds and effective testing cycles. This is easily facilitated through the employment of agile development methods. However, if you use this development approach there is a potential pitfall – cycles/sprints are extremely short in duration (often 2-4 weeks) and this makes it very hard for developers to commit to security assurance. There are of course other methodologies that can be used to write software that offer a higher level of focus on security assurance, but the problem is that they are slow. This is where agile security comes in – it offers a straightforward platform to support agile development without compromising release cycles.


Application Security

Application security describes the measures used to detect and remediate potential vulnerabilities in an application throughout its’ Software Development Life Cycle, or SDLC, and post-release. By carefully examining an application prior to release, it is possible to identify weaknesses in the software that could be exploited by hackers and other external threats, and mitigate these weaknesses prior to the software release.

Application Vulnerability

Malicious attackers have now turned their focus towards application layer vulnerabilities. Approximately 90% of all security vulnerabilities found in software code are located in the application layer. Applications that are not properly tested have a risk of containing vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the attackers to gain privileged access and harvest information. Vulnerabilities are dangerous to companies as they can enable malicious attackers to gain access to company accounts, sensitive financial data, customer and client contact information, social security numbers, credit card numbers and other information that can be used for personal or financial gain. Some of the most common vulnerabilities today include:

  • SQL Injection
  • Insecure Cryptographic Storage
  • LDAP Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery


Bamboo Static Code Analysis

Bamboo is a continuous integration server from Atlassian. Its purpose is to provide developers with an environment which quickly compiles code for testing so that release cycles can be quickly implemented in production, while giving full traceability from the feature request all the way to its deployment. When it comes to Bamboo Static Code Analysis there’s no native functionality, meaning developers will need to consider the use of a 3rd party Bamboo static code analysis in order to ensure that their static code analysis is conducted correctly and seamlessly.


Botnet Detection and Prevention

Botnet, a fusion of the words “robot” and “network”, is basically a group of computers that have been compromised by a malicious attacker and are under his control. Botnets are primarily used for executing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, where the targeted servers are crippled by overloading them with packets of data. Eventually the applications and services become unavailable to their users. Once the computer becomes a part of the botnet, attackers can remotely execute commands on it. The actual owner is usually unaware of the malicious activity taking place on his machine. Once a computer is under the attacker’s control, it becomes a “zombie computer.” In order to create a truly effective botnet, the malicious attacker must infect hundreds or even thousands of computers.

C# Static Code Analysis

C# is a well-established development language and as such there are many options for Csharp static code analysis.

When you ask developers what they’re looking for in static code analysis, it almost always comes down to the quality of the reporting from the analysis itself. The harder it is to obtain useful actionable data – the less likely they are to engage with the process. They want to spend their time developing code, rather than hunting for problems. If problems are identified late in the development lifecycle then they may become a serious pain to fix – after all it’s difficult for everyone to understand what they were thinking of a few months back.


C++ Static Code Analysis

As one of the oldest “modern” programming languages, C++ is a relatively mature language and as such there are plenty of tools available for C++ static code analysis. In many cases the choice of which tool you use will be dictated by custom and practice, and it’s likely that most C++ development teams are already using their preferred option.



CERT is a non-profit program that was developed by the Carnegie Mellon University in their Software Engineering Institute. It focuses on the practices associated with online application security and vulnerability identification with the goal of helping to improve the security and resilience of modern computer networks, systems, and software – and the internet as a whole.

The program has analyzed thousands of different vulnerability reports across multiple applications to identify the areas in which the vast majority of vulnerabilities arise. They have determined that a small handful of errors in code development are to blame for those vulnerabilities. Their work then focuses on helping software development teams to adopt better working practices to take proactive action to avoid those errors.

Their ultimate objective is for software application developers to eliminate or vastly reduce vulnerable areas in their code prior to release. They have also developed a series of international standards for software development to support this work.


Checkmarx Visual Studio Static Code Analysis Plugin

Visual Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) created by Microsoft, is arguably the most used editor today thanks to its added functionality. It fully supports the .NET framework and also languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Checkmarx offers a unique Visual Studio static code analysis plugin for enhanced security testing.