Security Gate

Quickly improve the security
standards of your deliveries.


Checkmarx’s Security Gate implementation allows organizations of any size to use Static Application Security Testing at any stage of the development lifecycle. With the CxSAST Security Gate, organizations introducing application security practices can quickly improve the security standards of their deliveries.


Integrating Security into SDLC

Design, development and quality assurance all lead to a single goal which is the release and delivery of the application to the target audience. While all these are usually clearly defined and scheduled, application security testing has to become an integral piece of the release cycle and no application should be released without validating that the application's code and functionality do not expose the organization to unnecessary risks.

>Integrating Security <span>into SDLC</span>


With Checkmarx Security Gate, organizations can run a security validation checkpoint at any point in the process to ensure the delivered application does not leave the organization exposed to attacks such as SQL Injections, XSS (Cross Site Scripting), CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery), Privacy violations and hundreds of other vulnerabilities.

Results, which include the categorization of vulnerabilities by severity, are reported directly to the responsible security authority along with remediation instructions for the programmers.

>SINGLE POINT <span>CHECK</span>

Benefits of Checkmarx’s Security Gate:

  • Allows for quick scan cycles early in the SDLC
  • Integrates with common build servers and IDEs
  • Supports 20+ programming languages and their most popular programming frameworks
>Benefits of Checkmarx’s <span>Security Gate:</span>


Using our “best-fix location,” Checkmarx goes beyond identifying all the security vulnerabilities in your code. We optimize your remediation efforts, taking a bird’s eye view of the data flow in the application and identifying the critical junctions that eliminate multiple vulnerabilities through a single fix saving up to 80% of the remediation time.

>BEST FIX <span>LOCATION</span>

Checkmarx’s AppSec Coach

As an optional Security Gate add-on, Checkmarx’s AppSec Coach is an in-context, on-demand e-learning platforms that empowers developers to learn and sharpen their application security skills from within the CxSAST development interface. From CxSAST, developers are able to immediately activate the appropriate learning session, quickly run through the hands-on training, and get straight back to work equipped with the new knowledge to resolve the problem.

>Checkmarx’s <span>AppSec Coach</span>

Checkmarx’s Open Source Analysis

In order to ensure that open-source components used in the code are free from vulnerabilities, Checkmarx’s Open Source Analysis (OSA) add-on allows organizations to manage, control and prevent the security risks and legal implications introduced by open source components used as part of the development effort.

>Checkmarx’s <span>Open Source</span> Analysis


For organizations who want to minimize application security risk, CxSAST provides the ability to detect and remediate vulnerabilities at any stage in the SDLC. Unlike other solutions, CxSAST delivers a unique capability which reduces scanning times of large code bases from hours and sometimes even days to a few minutes only. Incremental scanning identifies changes implemented in the code and analyzes the relevant code snippets rather than re-scanning the full code base over and over again. CxSAST is widely adopted by development organizations because it seamlessly fits in with their existing software development lifecycle.


Interested in trying CxSAST on your own code? You can now use Checkmarx's solution to scan uncompiled / unbuilt source code in 18 coding and scripting languages and identify the vulnerable lines of code. CxSAST will even find the best-fix locations for you and suggest the best remediation techniques. Sign up for your FREE trial now.

Checkmarx is now offering you the opportunity to see how CxSAST identifies application-layer vulnerabilities in real-time. Our in-house security experts will run the scan and demonstrate how the solution's queries can be tweaked as per your specific needs and requirements. Fill in your details and we'll schedule a FREE live demo with you.