Checkmarx is a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

Checkmarx Professional Services

Experts in Application Security Testing Best Practices

Transform Your Vision into an Effective Solution

Implementing business-critical technology solutions is always a challenge; new systems often require configuration, and new tools can require specialized skills or resources. Add, to that, multiple-site deployment, third-party systems integration, functionality customization, and aggressive schedules – well, you could probably use some help.

Checkmarx Professional Services help to make your application security testing initiatives easier and more effective. Our certified and experienced security professionals have in-depth knowledge of Checkmarx technologies and efficient implementation. Our experts’ understanding of secure DevOps best practices ensures seamless integration across your CI/CD pipeline. We empower you with the knowledge and resources to accomplish your implementation on time and within budget.

Checkmarx Professional Services are tailored and tuned to your unique technical and strategic business requirements, so you can:

  • Enhance your secure DevOps initiatives and strengthen your application security posture
  • Accelerate onboarding and implementation to realize benefits earlier
  • Refine testing procedures and configurations to eliminate false positives and increase efficiency
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The overall experience with Checkmarx has been completely satisfying. The teams have been extremely helpful, providing information, feedback and support in a very timely fashion and with the greatest of care. Everyone is willing to go above and beyond to help ensure customer success. Their product is of great quality and embeds exceptionally into the software development lifecycle.

Checkmarx Customer Review

Onboarding Services

Accelerate adoption and deliver sustainable value

Our experts guide the integration and configuration of Checkmarx solutions to streamline daily application security operations, generate results faster, and facilitate adoption.

Training Services

Learn essential best practices to get the job done

Give developers and AppSec experts the hands-on skills necessary to confidently configure, operate, and support Checkmarx application security testing solutions. Training is tailored to your working environment, focusing on increasing the efficacy and efficiency of your teams’ daily tasks.

Query Customization

Refine your security tests to optimize results

Work closely with Checkmarx security experts to define, execute, and customize testing queries to achieve the most accurate, impactful results for your application security testing activities.

Automation and Integration

Easily incorporate security throughout your SDLC

Quickly configure out-of-the-box integrations and inject application security best practices into your CI/CD pipelines, or create custom integrations to ensure peak performance and insight during development and testing.

In-depth Results Review

Analyze and prioritize security testing data

Accelerate remediation with in-depth analysis of security testing results, guided by Checkmarx software security experts. Prioritize vulnerabilities and weaknesses, determine if they are exploitable within your applications, and identify opportunities to refine queries for improved results.

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