CxSAST for Amazon Web Services

CxSAST hosted on an AWS environment, allows organizations to seamlessly connect to their development lifecycle with all the benefits of being hosted in the cloud. By leveraging CxSAST for AWS, organizations are able to perform Static Application Security Testing in the secure confines of a dedicated AWS hosted environment.



Stable and Easy to Customize

CxSAST’s shines with AWS’s strong, stable, flexible, and scalable infrastructure stack. Our customers have the ability to fully customize their solution so that they can take advantage of the myriad of features and tools on AWS.




Operate at the Speed of DevOps

Organizations can run at the speed of DevOps and improve the agility of its software development lifecycle through the use of web scale architecture and rapid infrastructure provisioning powered by AWS. This ensures that organizations achieve a robust DevSecOps deployment.



Ease of Integration

Checkmarx allows the migration on-premise solutions to an AWS hosted environment  easy and seamless for organizations and their development teams. In addition to AWS upgrades and configurations are all handled smoothly by a dedicated Checkmarx team.



Ability to Domicile AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Checkmarx manages customers’ environments from a dedicated AWS workspace. Access to this workspace is established with the Amazon Workspace Client.



Stay Secure, Seamlessly

Connectivity is accomplished with AWS standard Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) that provides an extra level of security for sign-in credentials. CxSAST’s ability to completely run on AWS and integrate with  major CI/CD tools allows the static analysis to take place in the strong and secure AWS environment.



Read more about how Checkmarx works with AWS in our case studies:

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