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Out-of-the-box Support For All Major Standards

Software security vulnerabilities are well documented and standardized by bodies like SANS and OWASP that branded the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.
Checkmarx’s SAST solution supports all OWASP Top 10 and SANS standards out of the box, but full software vulnerability coverage goes above and beyond these lists. Checkmarx has built a platform that enables limitless coverage of the software vulnerability spectrum.

It has been achieved using our unique Open Architecture where all programs are converted into code abstract and are stored in a query-able persistent database. Security vulnerabilities are then detected using an open query language.

Out-of-the-box queries cover all known security software vulnerabilities listed in OWASP top 10, SANS and other standards.
Furthermore, the auditor can adjust and write queries for further detection enabling broad coverage and infinite accuracy.

Software Vulnerability

Sample Of Covered Software Vulnerabilities (OWASP Top 10 & more)

CGI Reflected XSS Access Control Arithmetic Operation On Boolean
CGI Stored XSS Buffer Overflow Blind SQL Injections
Code Injection CGI Reflected XSS All Clients Client Side Only Validation
Command Injection CGI Stored XSS Cookie not Sent Over SSL
Connection String Injection CGI XSS Dangerous File Upload
LDAP Injection Cookies Scoping Dead Code
Process Control Cross Site History Manipulation Deprecated And Obsolete
Reflected XSS DB Paramater Tampering Deprecated CRT Functions VS2005
Reflected XSS All Clients Dangerous Functions DoS by Unreleased Resources
Resource Injection Data Filter Injection Equals without GetHashCode
SOQL SOSL Injection DoS by Sleep Escape False Warning
SQL injection Double Free Files Canonicalization Problems
Second Order SQL Injection Environment Injection Hardcoded Absolute Path
Stored XSS Environment Manipulation Hardcoded Password
UTF7 XSS Files Manipulation Hardcoded password in Connection String
XPath Injection Frame Spoofing Impersonation Issue